Cross-Channel Marketing Guide

In today’s fragmented marketing landscape, marketers must understand the importance of messaging across multiple channels.  Today your customers and prospects are receiving multiple messages through a variety of channels.  Unfortunately, communicating with those individuals using the channel that is most likely to elicit their response is no longer optional.  As audience measurement and data reporting technologies become more accessible, it is now possible to measure and track campaigns down to the individual customer/prospect level.  This allows marketers to create and deliver communications that drive sales and build brand, while connecting with businesses and consumers via their preferred channel.  It is only a matter of time before the strength of a business’ cross-channel strategies will be a primary driver of its overall marketing success.

Cross-channel marketing is a strategic and well-articulated messaging strategy that allows marketers to connect with consumers or businesses through channels like social media, email, SMS or direct mail.  This is made possible by transmitting a personalized call to action that drives the recipient to an action specific to that channel.  With cross-channel marketing, businesses identify the channel that is most appropriate for the audience they are trying to reach and the business goal they are trying to attain.  They then craft messages specific to that channel, goal and audience.  This is different from multi-channel marketing, where the same message is broadcast across multiple channels, without being optimized according to the specific channel and goal.

This guide provides the ten guiding principles of a successful cross-channel marketing program and specific goals and actions your organization can apply to build a thriving program.

The authors of this paper are members of the eec's Cross-Channel Integration Roundtable led by co-chairs Colleen Petitt of Aprimo and Dwight Sholes of Sholes, LLC.

Committee members:

  • Jeanette Arrighi Brown, Informz
  • Jeff Chamberlain, Aprimo
  • Adam Cooke, GarageFly
  • David Hibbs, Responsys
  • April Mullen, Scottrade
  • Eileen Weinberg, ClickSquared





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Cross-Channel Marketing Guide

Publisher: eec's Cross-Channel Integration Roundtable

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