EEC10 - Mixed Salad: Innovation, Integration, Optimization

Want to learn how to leverage your email list and start building a community on Twitter and Facebook?  Thinking about utilizing SMS and in-store promotions to acquire more email addresses?  In this session we reviewed the multi-channel/integrated strategy that Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes executed in coordination with Red Door Interactive to grow and optimize their e-club “Club Veg.”

Topics included:

  • Deliverability Optimization
  • List Management & Re-permission Practices
  • Integrating Social Media Into Your Email Marketing Strategy
  • Creative and Design Best Practices
  • Interactive Promotional Campaigns
  • SMS and In-Store Email Acquisition Tactics


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EEC10 - Mixed Salad: Innovation, Integration, Optimization

Publisher: Pilar Bower, Red Door Interactive & Jill Trecker, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.

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