Identity Crisis at Inbox?

I’m here at the Inbox Conference in San Jose where I’ll be moderating three panels. The keynote just kicked off and I’m hoping that people are just having trouble getting up because the Keynote is going on and there are only about 60 people in a room that looks like it can hold 350. Maybe it’s a case of a bridge too far: one conference in the email space too many (although I’m hoping not since not only do I hope someone comes to my sessions but my company is exhibiting as well).

But I think it points to the importance of defining your conference. The Email Insider conference is positioned as the high end networking event for email marketers. The Marketing Sherpa show seems to setting up themselves as the Email 101 and Case Study conference. There is the ClickZ one-day email refreshers. And then the slew of ad:tech and DMA shows.

Inbox started out as the email show for the tech crowd. But last year it started integrating marketing tracks as well. Now they seem to be incorporating word of mouth and other forms of marketing. It is hard to know who this show is aimed at.

I think there is a market for a tech-only show, though. Sometimes you just have to pick you audience and go for it. I’ll hopefully post later about how things are progressing. It looks like I may have some time.

—Bill McCloskey

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