Time to Experiment with Embedded Video

BtoBOnline noted in a recent article on video email, “B-to-B marketers are finding that using video in email can help deliver their messages to audiences more effectively, as long as they follow a few simple rules.” The article urged marketers not to “shy away” from using video in email.

I think our sales team here at Bulldog would agree. The team has been experimenting with a new video email product—to rave reviews. With a webcam and a relatively simple setup process, they’re creating and sending personalized emails containing short videos, clickable links and a call to action. No additional burden on the production team: Just record, write the message and send.

Bulldog’s CEO, Rob Solomon, embraced the technology immediately, as he always does when he suspects something will be both fun and productive. The rest of the team, after working out the “I don’t understand this!” kinks, is also getting into it.

After a testing period, we’ll measure the results, comparing traction (opens, clicks, demos) sans video email with the results we’re seeing from the video email. We’ve been testing more complex video components for a while in our monthly newsletter, where the addition of video is driving interest in the content, and in client campaigns, where video is being used for promotional invitations, registrant communications and follow-ups.

But those are heavier lifting, requiring scripting and production. Seeing the results for our sales team of the high level of personalization being added with relatively low labor requirements is a great way to end the week.

—Amy Bills