CALL TO ACTION: Educate Al DiGuido on the eec

How exciting! Our first all-hands call to action. I need to ask something of you. Please take 2 minutes to help educate Al DiGuido on the mission and value the eec provides our industry. You can reach him here (it would be great if you shared your letter to him by posting it in a comment below). Today, he wrote a very inaccurate ClickZ article regarding our mission.

For those of you who are newer to the eec, our history is very rich and built on the highest levels of integrity, and geared toward leveraging email more strategically and intelligently in order to create increased impact in the industry. Apparently, Al didn’t feel it was necessary to spend any time on our site or with our members before he wrote his column.

I’ve already taken the time to email Al. Here is an excerpt from what I sent him:

There are clearly a number of eec efforts that you are significantly misinformed about. There is specifically one area of the eec that would be very close to your heart based on your philanthropic interest. Maybe in your next column you could cover the good that is being done in our industry.

Over a year and a half ago, 26 people from various companies joined forces to do something to unite the email marketing industry and “celebrate the ROI value and impact that email has through education and evangelism.” We entered into this effort with a conscious focus on proving email’s ability to drive sales and increase brand advocacy by selecting a not-for-profit organization and volunteering our time and resources to demonstrate the value and impact email offers. We did something good for a number of people, all by using email.

Today, these efforts and our eec community has grown to become the largest global email marketing network there is. We still keep a special attention on selecting and supporting one not-for-profit company through the use of email. We still keep a very close and familial way of interacting with each other in a manner which DOES increase returns. And we do it all by collaborating with other groups, agencies and networks—not by bashing them.

Please let Al know that you value the community, initiatives and research generated by the eec. Thank you for your help in keeping our community strong.


—Jeanniey Mullen

4 thoughts on “CALL TO ACTION: Educate Al DiGuido on the eec

  1. Did we go a little over the top with the ??calling all cars? APB email? Maybe. But when people who clearly don??t know much about the EEC fling criticism at us, our pride and the pride we have for our extremely dedicated members smarts a bit. As a member-driven organization it??s offensive to hear our accomplishments denigrated so casually. Here are some of those accomplishments:

    – Demonstrated the power of email by helping the Ryan Andrew Kaiser Memorial Foundation set up an email program for free??and we??re doing it again with the Women??s Bean Project this year (

    – Raised awareness of the ubiquity and indispensability of email and helped standardize the spelling of the word with our ??Hyphens Equal Disrespect? Petition (

    – Boosted awareness of the need for standard metrics, which led to the formation of the Email Measurement Accuracy Coalition by JupiterResearch (

    – Created and coordinated several Marketing Roundtables, which performed and published original research and provided valuable networking opportunities (

    – Released dozens of exclusive research reports through our Whitepaper Room, which has served as a library of industry knowledge (

    – Published hundreds of posts via the Voice of Email blog ( and RetailEmail.Blogspot (

    – Hosted or participated in a number of webinars

    – Supported the launch of, a repository of email marketing stats (

    Not good enough for you? Us either. We??ve got much more in the works, and thanks to our merger with the DMA we??ll be able to do it all more quickly.

    Have an idea? Want to help solve industry problems? Want to network with other email marketers? Have some great research to share with the community? The EEC can help with all of that and more. We??re open to any and all suggestions.

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to write- and… you are correct – we do have opportunities to improve the way the eec works. We always will.
    That said, to make inaccurate statements about what the eec has done in order to make a point in a column was not neccesary. Should Al have made specific comments about the work the eec has published or the way members network I don’t think the response would hav been the same.

    I really hope you are a member of the eec and can get involved with us to make a difference. You sound like you could add some great perspectives.

    To your point on the spelling of "email"- yes, we did in fact do a few months of research. If you would like, I’d be happy to send it to you. Just email me and I’ll send it along.

  3. What happened to the praise for an industry coming together on any initiative.

    I applaud the efforts to date.

  4. On behalf of all the hard-working EEC sponsors and members, I was happy to see Al DiGuido apologize for his earlier comments in his ClickZ column today:

    ??To view that earlier column as an attack on the DMA or EEC misses the point. And I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have misconstrued my comments concerning these groups. These organizations clearly do purposeful work for our industry and provide invaluable tools for their members.?

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