Two-Click Survey Results: Buttons Vs. Links—The Call-to-Action Hero Is…

Buttons, according to 72% of respondents to the Two-Click Survey on the EEC homepage. Only 28% thought that links performed better as primary calls-to-action. If you’re using links as your primary call-to-action, this bit of community wisdom should spur you to do some testing.

But even if you’re already using buttons, you should test links as well. Kelly Rusk over at Cardcommunications said in a blog post yesterday that they did their own test and that the link far outperformed the button. Their test also shows the value of giving readers multiple opportunities to click through by placing identical links in different spots in your email.

Jerry Werbner from True Color Optics, who commented on my MediaPost column about this issue, said that he’s seen that buttons perform better for purchase decisions but that links perform better when the call-to-action is to view an article or request more information. So there are definitely nuances to consider.

If you’ve done a test of buttons vs. links in your emails and would like to share your experiences, please comment below. Thanks.

—Chad White

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One thought on “Two-Click Survey Results: Buttons Vs. Links—The Call-to-Action Hero Is…

  1. Multiple a/b tests we’ve performed on the CTA (call-to-action) of an absolute URL link, embedded link and an image button, has indicated the absolute URL link drove the majority of the CTR when benchmarked against each other.
    This was validated through multiple A/B tests.

    One indication of this performance may be indicative to the senders email reputation and the affects of image suppression on recipients email clients.

    This assuming all things equal, including how the CTA was phrased.

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