Why I Did It

This morning a fantastic announcement was made. The DMA has acquired the EEC. Yes, that’s right, I sold it. My reasoning behind selling the EEC was simple. I did it so we can continue to grow. I wanted to ensure that the EEC and its phenomenal community of members and advocates could continue to build on the efforts we had started a little over a year ago.

After looking around the market at every possible opportunity, it was pretty clear to me that with the EEC growing as fast as it has been, only the DMA would offer a home that would facilitate its continued growth by offering operational support, a historical legacy of success and an unlimited opportunity for delivering on our vision for the future.

You can read the press release for more details.

For all of you EEC’ers out there, this is a very exciting time. The only changes you will see are supplements and enhancements to current efforts. For all of the EMC members from the DMA, we welcome you into the EEC community and our pages and look forward to getting to know you better very soon.

After everything we have done in one short year, I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish now. I don’t even think the sky is truly the limit any more.

—Jeanniey Mullen

6 thoughts on “Why I Did It

  1. Hi Jeanniey! First entry here….

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! I think that it’s a great integration and I believe it will make the EEC much more powerful and helpful for others!

  2. I have mixed emotions about the acquisition. I have purposely stayed away from the DMA since so many of their members (and management) almost destroyed the email business a few years back by trying to transfer a snail mail direct marketing mentality to email. The eec to me is a bit of a maverick outfit comprised of like-minded people all with a single purpose. Now we’re just another cog in the big wheel. I also fear it will lose the personal feel that the founding leaders brought to the table (hat tips to you guys). I only hope that the DMA takes a hands-off approach to the eec, and of course doesn’t jack up the rates.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. This IS great news, Jeannie. EEC’ers will only add value to the DMA – a fine, well credentialed and established organization – but just catching up with this fast moving email train. How exciting for everyone involved and congratulations.

  4. Jonathan,

    Thanks for the posting. And I know you will have to "see it to believe it." But the plan for the eec is to keep it as is, as pirate-focused and passionately driven as ever, with supplements from the powerful elements the DMA offers.

    I realize the eec is my baby and that many people have taken a chance on me and my vision to make the eec what it has become. I have no intention of letting anyone down.

    We are moving forward… I really appreciate your honest feedback I hope that you will continue to be as vocal as you are now so that we stay the course.

    Feel free to call or email any time 973-204-0023 jeanniey@emailexperience.org

  5. I??ll be the first to admit that acquisitions make me nervous. My former employer, Dow Jones, is currently being aggressively courted by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. There are understandably some concerns that Murdoch will destroy the Wall Street Journal??s good name by lowering the quality of the work they do. I??m happy to report that there are no such concerns with the DMA??s acquisition of the EEC.

    The DMA loves what the EEC has been able to accomplish and only wants to propel us along the growth curve that we??re on. During all of our conversations with the DMA, the recurring question has been: ??What can we do to help you grow even faster?? That??s really a complement to all the hard work and intelligence that our sponsors and members have brought to bear as they address industry issues and build out best practices. With the DMA??s Email Marketing Council merging its leadership, membership and initiatives with those of the EEC, you can expect more great things from us.

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