Did You Catch the Oops in Yesterday's eec Email?

Yesterday’s eec email drove quite a response! If you didn’t read the introduction which talked about the realities of errors when you work with email, and the positive learnings you can extract from a not-so-good situation, you missed a good article and should read it when you have a chance.

For those of you who read the intro, we were thrilled to receive lots of replies from people in the eec community who shared their stories of disasters, recovery plans and QA policies. Chad will be blogging about those collective learnings next week.


Being the eec, and always approaching our efforts with a test to learn/push the envelope strategy, in yeterday’s email we specifically put an invalid link in our main call to action ( update your profile). We wanted to see who would catch the ironic messaging (and who is clicking through).

We would like to congratulate Dylan Boyd from eROI, Rachelle Johnson from iSpectrum Marketing, and Denise Chenier from Relevant Communications for taking the time to email us about the profile link. The three of you deserve a round of applause for helping us to research the impact of certain types of errors in emails. We plan to include the impact of errors in next week’s blog posts as well.

Have a great weekend!

Jeanniey and the eec Team