Montreal – The Fastest Spam Around?

I am in Montreal to speak with eec members Chris Carder from ThinData and Greg Cangialosi from Blue Sky Factory at Infopresse on Wednesday. And with that said, this even began like all others: Typical business trip travel plans. You probably know them well.

– Work late two days before leaving to wrap up loose ends at the office and get all work covered.
– One day before leaving, ensure all work is covered “in case of disaster.”
– Day of travel, check voicemail and email right before plane takes off to see if unplanned disaster has occurred.
– Sit on plane trying to figure out why the plane cannot land any faster—in order to get to disaster
– Turn on cell and email as soon as possible and begin typing to mitigate issues.
– Short-term success! But need to get to hotel to get online ASAP to finalize items.
– Get to hotel, go to room, plug in all devices, logon to internet.

Yes, it was all a standard trip until the logging on part.

And then… I received the fastest spam email EVER! Less than 10 seconds after logging on, I received the email below.

I travel quite a bit, and usually after I am in a foreign country for a day or so, I will start to receive local spam—but never this fast.

Has this type of thing ever happened to you?

—Jeanniey Mullen