Non-Kosher Email

Reading Wired magazine this past weekend (insert your favorite Tricia-wants-to-be-a-nerd comment here), I ran across a new term—”Bacn” ( Coined in August at PodCamp Pittsburgh, it means permission email you opt-in for, never read, then delete. The recipient wanted the email at the time of opt-in but just can’t find the time or will to read. The email marketing world is chock full of bacn. Most email marketers would agree that bacn is the result of non-relevant email.

So I ask, in making bacn, which half of the relevance equation is broken—content or timeliness?

—Tricia Robinson-Pridemore of StrongMail

One thought on “Non-Kosher Email

  1. I would argue the balance is slanted heavily toward the content. There are plenty of times that I have signed up for an email newsletter or opt-ed in to get updates on a particular product/issue/etc. When the first email arrived, despite whatever noise might be going on, I opened and read it, but if the content was weak…delete. If the mailer failed to keep the content of subsequent emails interesting…delete. If the messages didn’t come in timely fashion…delete, but lack of timeliness could be over-ridden by good content.

    I have upwards of 10 active email accounts and each of them receives substantial volumes each day. I peruse them looking for nuggets, but I always know that when I see messages from certain senders, that whatever the subject line or cadence of mailing, the content is gonna be golden. And those are the ones that I ALWAYS read.

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