The ‘S’ Word Replaces the ‘D’ Word

It sounds like I’m trying to curse in codespeak, but I’m not thinking the words you likely are (bad, email marketer, bad). However, I’m thinking “strategy” and “deliverability.” The Email Insider Summit validated something we email “thought leaders” have been predicting for a while—the importance of strategy is trumping the importance of deliverability as the topic on the forefront of emailers’ minds. Not that deliverability isn’t important anymore, only that it has been superseded by the need to create a comprehensive plan for the email channel that moves marketers beyond segmented campaigns into behavioral messaging. David Daniels’ “Leveraging the Power of Email into the 21st Century,” David Baker’s “The Democratization of Email” and the HP case study presented by Daryl Nielson and Jared Hansen all drive home the point that strategy is imperative to channel success and retaining internal resources required to optimize email for any organization.

—Tricia Robinson of StrongMail Systems