MAKE IT POP!: Beauty and Brains

Michael Della Penna’s debut Email Experience Blog post on The Customer Experience inspired me step through the looking glass and reflect on the positive experiences I’ve had as an email subscriber. My deep thoughts: the Sephora Beauty Insider email program has beauty and brains! How do they capture my clicks? By treating me like a VIP. It’s easy as 1-2-3

(1) Roll out the red carpet. Want me to join your made-over email program? Send me a gold-lettered invitation. I feel special when Sephora welcomes me—”the beauty elite”—”behind beauty’s velvet rope.”
–>See the email invitation

(2) Give me some swag. If I take the time to give an exclusive interview, I want something exclusive, too. Sephora makes it worth my breath with the promise of super swag—exclusive freebies and insider-only offers, personalized tips and product picks, plus a birthday gift.
–>Check out the preferences page

(3) Send me roses. If I say red roses, don’t send white carnations! Sephora delivers roses: messages that clearly leverage the data I provide. I say I like the Bare Escentuals brand; they offer free Bare Escentuals lip polish. I say I have combination skin; they promote a revival treatment.
–>View an exclusive offer email
–>View a personalized offer email

Only, I don’t know why on earth I would ever have gotten an email about acne products. I swear—I’ve never had a pimple in my life! Ha.

As ever,
Lisa Harmon
of Smith-Harmon

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One thought on “MAKE IT POP!: Beauty and Brains

  1. I agree! Your post sent me on an adventure to sign up for the beauty insider, although I do not wear makeup and look funny in woman’s clothing. I had a wonderful experience.

    A couple of small things I really liked included the "See email samples" link and the option to choose an age range as opposed to my birth year.

    Best of all I appreciated that I could skip all those questions on the long page of beautifully crafted check boxes and get straight to confirming my subscription.

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