The Power of Suggestion

Along with the eec, the DMA, and the Online Marketing Summit, Bulldog Solutions last week hosted a live webinar called “Straight from the Source: Top Online and Email Marketing Trends for 2008.” The eec’s Jeanniey Mullen and Aaron Kahlow from the OMS put together a really insightful joint presentation highlighting key issues for 2008. I won’t rehash it, you can view a recording here.

Any interactive webinar, but especially one on such a broad topic, serves as a great data- and insight-collection tool. From audience questions and the responses to polls and surveys, we benefit from a peek into marketers’ big pain points. Along those lines, an interesting bit of data.

At the beginning of the webinar, we asked the audience to identify the single area of online marketing on which they wanted more insight. The results show demand for email marketing guidance (no surprise there) and various levels of demand for insight into other areas.

We asked the same question at the end of the webinar. After hearing Jeanniey’s drilldown into key email marketing issues and Aaron’s coverage of the other five choices, the audience began to lean toward information on Analytics and Customer Experience. (Close to 200 attendees responded to the first poll, and about 140 to the second poll.)

Did Aaron open a can of worms with his focus on the need for an Analytics strategy to match business metrics? Did his insightful example of a less-than-stellar British Airways website experience send chills down marketers’ spines? (Actually, on that second one, I’m pretty sure the answer is, “yes.”) View it for yourself and post your comments here.

—Amy Bills of Bulldog Solutions