Voices from the Email Evolution Conference

Tomorrow morning, the more than 500 attendees of the Email Evolution Conference will hear from a panel of bloggers that include Chad White of the eec, Dylan Boyd of eROI, Tamara Gielen of OgilvyOne, Matt Blumberg of Return Path, and Madeline Hubbard of Mind Comet. They’ll talk about how they began blogging, why they blog, and the role of bloggers in the industry. We’re hoping that it inspires some attendees to try blogging, so we’re giving them their first chance to be a blogger here.

We’ve asked attendees to share their thoughts, opinions and takeaways from the conference by commenting on this post—and when the conference is over, we’ll invite the person with the most insightful comment to be a blogger for a day and write a post for the eec’s Voice of Email blog. We may just uncover the next big blogger.

To hear the latest from the Email Evolution Conference in San Diego, please read the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Voices from the Email Evolution Conference

  1. As someone who has worked in the web dev/online marketing space for about 10 years, I’ve attended my fair share of conferences. And every time, I’ve left the conferences inspired by all of the great ideas that were shared along the way. More often than not, those great ideas never get implemented due to organizational politics, lack of resources, lack of management support/understanding, or other challenges facing corporate marketers.

    I’m determined to not let that happen this time, so while the information is still fresh, I’m working on a list of my personal Top 10 Takeaways from the conference that could realistically be implemented at my company. Then, I’ll prioritize those takeaways and work them from the easiest one on down.

    I know I’m not the only one doing this, and it would be great if the EEC sent out a followup email to all attendees asking them "what’s next" — I’d love to continue the great discussion we had at EmailEvo and get updates on what others are doing with all of the great information that was shared.

  2. So far this show has been great. Beat expectations with the tracks and speakers. The video at the keynote was great and hope to see it on the site or blog soon

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