Email: Once Accepted, Now Expected

The recent grounding of American Airlines flights affected in excess of 250,000 consumers. Among the complaints, they didn’t receive their travel alerts in a timely manner. American Airlines, CEO Gerard Arpey said, it “certainly has not been perfect, but we in good faith have done the best we can.” Unfortunately that’s not good enough anymore.

Consumers have grown from accepting email as a viable channel for communication to relying upon it in their daily lives, personal and business. I have heard complaints about broker communications resulting in the loss of thousands, missing and duplicated pizza orders, missed flights and late bills—all of this a result of missing emails.

Email is much more valuable than it has ever been before, so much so that consumers are taking it with them on their phones and PDAs so they can always be in the know. Men’s Health Magazine recently offered that you should ALWAYS keep your smartphone or PDA at your side to be “a person with influence and access to valuable information”.

—Charles Stiles of Goodmail Systems

One thought on “Email: Once Accepted, Now Expected

  1. Excellent insights on the increasing value of email — nothing beats immediate real-time information.

    At the same time, how many emails are blocked due to spam filters?

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