Email – The Battle Never Ends

Throughout the years, email has always has good intent, and gotten a bad rap.

At its beginning, email was accused of being a questionable mode of communication…and then became spam…then grew to the point where it was accused of overwhelming and overtaking our lives…and now the latest—”Email addles the brain.”

When you think about it, email has been battling for respect since day one, like one of those little toy soldiers battling their way through the real (and very large) world.

I received this photo of an Army man from someone who is believed to be slowly taking over the world. And it was this photo that got me thinking. Why is it that email has had such a long hard battle?
Why can’t people see its virtues and provide it the “props” it deserves? Why is it always a knock-down, drag-out fight to get the press and media to respect email and understand it has become more valuable to consumers today than almost any other mode of communication?

After all, email is kind of like the protector of the digital message. It acts as a buffer for all other modes of communication. As consumers, we can easily provide our email address to verify that the message is secure, provides us relevant information and is able to speak to us and delivery on the expectations we have set. And when the emails we receive don’t live us to those standard, we can easily opt-out, unsubscribe, or change our email address, without having to give out any other information like home address, phone number or other demographics.

Thank you email, for keeping other communication channels safer, and for never giving up!

If you are someone who doesn’t like to give up, I throw out this triple eec challenge to you—Get a free year of eec platinum membership if you can email me these three items of information:

1) The name of the photographer of the pictures above;
2) The location where these photos were taken; and
3) A new photo of these army men somewhere other than these locations.

—Jeanniey Mullen of the eec