Good Intentions Gone Bad

On the front line of email, sometimes the best intentions go awry.

That recently happened to me so I wanted to share it with all of you. Hopefully you can all use this as a best practices learning, or story to share internally about crossing i’s and dotting t’s, and what to do when something goes wrong.

So in celebration of Earth Day the eec thought it would be nice to give something free to our subscribers (just like we did when we gave away free dice from SubscriberMail during the holidays 2 years ago). We decided to go with one free issue of VIV magazine. We chose this because it both demonstrated how email can extend into the digital world even further and because it is an all “green” publication.

Sadly, when the service message was set to send, notifying people their eec gift was ready for review, a few things went awry:
1. People received two or more emails with this notification
2. The context of the eec Earth Day gift was left off the copy

While no one’s information was rented or sold to any other company, admittedly, the perceived recipient experience looked pretty poor. This is a great learning experience for us all.

While I have received emails both praising our thoughtfulness and attempt to share with the industry, I have also received emails questioning the execution of this campaign.

I would like to invite anyone who has questions, concerns or comments to give me a call at 973-204-0023.

I am posting this not to invite complainers to bash this effort (although I am sure we will have those), but to continue to share. The eec’s mission is to pursue a community-based approach to making email better. If this is something you applaud us trying, thank you, if it’s something you can learn from so the same thing doesn’t happen to you, we are happy with that as well.

—Jeanniey Mullen of the eec