Please Pardon Our Dust

In preparation for our upcoming website relaunch, we’ve been updating the content on our site and making some tweaks to our site functionality. As a consequence, you may have noticed our site behaving strangely recently, particularly the Whitepaper Room. Please accept our apologies and know that the Whitepaper Room is now back up and working properly.

Here are some of the improvements that we’ve made ahead of the launch of a totally new site in a few months:

● The eec’s homepage now highlights posts from our two blogs, the Email Experience Blog and RetailEmail.Blogspot.

● Also on the homepage, we’ve added a See past survey results link under the current Two-Click Survey question so you can quickly find out how people voted on past questions.

● The Member Roundtables page has been totally reorganized and updated. You can now find information about the leadership, goals, initiatives and meeting times of all nine of our Roundtables, including our new Measurement Accuracy Roundtable. EEC members can contact Ali if they wish to join a Roundtable.

● In the right-hand column on the Member Roundtables page and throughout the Initiatives & Standards tab, you’ll now find a “New from the Roundtables” list, which includes the latest blog posts, documents and initiatives to come out of the Roundtables. There are several great initiatives that will be released in the weeks ahead.

● The “Resources” tab has been updated so that it now includes links to the eec’s Facebook group, the Email Experience Blog and RetailEmail.Blogspot.

● We’ve reorganized the Useful Tool & Links page, which has been greatly expanded. If you know of other emails marketing tools that should be added, let us know.

● The Email Performance Award page has been redone so that the information is better organized.

● We’ve revised the description on our eec Newsletter Archive page and on the newsletter sign-up form that runs along the top of every page on the eec site now links to the archive page so people can click through to see sample newsletters and more information before signing up.

We’re working on updating a few other pages ahead of the relaunch this summer and, of course, have plans for several new pages of content as well. So stay tuned. And thanks again for your patience and understanding.

—Chad White of the eec