Two-Click Survey Results: With Which Channel Does Email Have the Most Synergies?

The answer…
38% –> Direct mail and catalogs
19% –> Blogs/RSS
17% –> SMS (text messages)
10% –> Social networks
10% –> Internet ads
4% –> Search
2% –> Television and radio

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3 thoughts on “Two-Click Survey Results: With Which Channel Does Email Have the Most Synergies?

  1. Yes, I’m quite surpised at the low number for search – and particularly that it is below SMS and social networks.

    SMS and social networking is in its infancy (SMS outside the US is obviously more mature) and particularly related to integrating with email.

    But email and search (a huge and maturing market) go hand-in-hand. Whether from unpaid/natural search or PPC, search search typically converts at under 5 percent. Email is the primary opportunity to convert the other 95% into an ongoing relationship. And even those that do convert, email is perhaps the core channel to continue and growth the customer relationship.

    Yes, very surprising results…


  2. Unfortunately, too many eMAIL’s go "unopened" during searches.

    I have been successful using SMS in conjunction with eMAIL’s.

    For example, I might send a text message (SMS)that says "check your eMAIL (today) for the latest tips on managing your career"

    This double "attack" –gets better results.


    David M. Schwartz
    ROELMANA Group

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