Email Is Soooo Digital. Really!

We as marketers sometimes get hung up on what to name things, especially in our multichannel world where there are many technology-based strategies and solutions, often with overlapping attributes, and a lot of these approaches seem to move through their lifecycles faster than doped riders in the Tour de France. Change is definitely a constant in our personal and business lives, the economy continues to keep us on our toes, and email is right smack in the middle of business—or should I say, your digital company?

I had the pleasure of presenting this week with Jeanniey Mullen from the eec and Zinio, David Daniels from JupiterResearch, and Des Cahill from Habeas. We came together with just under 200 attendees for a live Habeas Huddle webinar entitled “Your Digital Company, Today and in 2013: How to Leverage Email and Online Trust for Success.”

Some serious ground was covered in one hour with great data and insights from two studies from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Ipsos, as well as David’s ongoing work at JupiterResearch. We also discussed a number of case studies, best practices and takeaways, and Jeanniey helped bring it all together with a historical view of email and how to think differently about this proven, vibrant channel in our changing, digital world.

For the sake of grounding, the EIU provided this definition/food for thought: “The digital company is one in which the use of information and communications technology underpins virtually all processes and activities, as well as all efforts to improve competitiveness.”

One could argue that if your business has a data center, is using the internet to attract and retain customers, and you rely on hosted applications and services (i.e. web meetings, social networking, blogging, email service providers, etc.) for marketing, sales and customer service—then you’re working in a digital company. OK, enough with semantics. Bottom line: Business executives worldwide say email is their No. 1 communication channel today and in 5 years, and consumers feel the same way when it comes to interacting with preferred brands online. Your customers are also more empowered with technology and expect control and certainty (trust) when doing business online and with mobile devices.

Check out the complimentary webinar and whitepaper just published by the EIU entitled “The digital company 2013 – How technology will empower the customer.” The co-sponsors of the paper are AT&T, Concep Global, Habeas, Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAP and WebEx.

Both webinar and white paper provide invaluable information that was packaged from quantitative and qualitative research (businesses and consumer trends) that I’m sure will stimulate a few great ideas and help you get ahead of the pack. Maybe it will even enable you build a strong business case for more budget and a promotion!

—Erick Mott of Habeas