DOUBLE DOG DARE: Ask Your Subscribers to Rate Your Emails

Sometimes people need a nudge to try something new, edgy or against the conventional wisdom. So here you go, we dare you—NO, we Double Dog Dare you—to consider this challenge from Aaron Smith of Smith-Harmon:

Ask your subscribers to rate your emails. One of the more interesting email features I’ve seen recently is a poll in the footer asking recipients to rate the usefulness of the message or comment on the contents. General Mills, for example, includes a “rate this message” module at the bottom of their Betty Crocker messages using a 1 to 5 star rating system. Taking that concept one step further, I double dog dare you to include an email rating module not just at the bottom of your message, where few people will ever see it, but at the top, above the fold!

In theory, the rating module serves two purposes: (1) to gather feedback on the usefulness of your email program, and (2) to provide folks who are thinking about hitting the “this is spam” button a different opportunity to let their feelings be heard. So go ahead and add a rating module to your email programs…and don’t be shy about the placement! Let your subscribers know you’re truly interested in their opinion.

If you take up this dare, let us know how it went by commenting below. Do you see reduced spam reporting? Do you use the ratings information to make incremental improvements to your program? Or have you found you’ve given up valuable real estate for a feature that doesn’t provide any meaningful insight or lift? And if you have a Double Dog Dare for the eec community, let us know about that too.

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