Don't Discount the Power of Email to Build Your Brand

Inbox advertising has long been considered an effective direct marketing vehicle. Sending relevant offers to receptive segments has been a recipe for success since the channel emerged. Most emarketers also realize that indiscriminately blasting potentially non-relevant messaging to large segments can negatively impact list size, deliverability and ultimately, brand equity. Fewer marketers, however, fully realize the tremendous role email advertising can play in positively stewarding a brand—driving brand awareness and brand favorability.

I must admit that as a novice email marketer I highly discounted email as a branding vehicle. In fact, I remember telling a colleague once that branding [through email] was just an excuse for not generating conversions. I have since learned that inbox advertising can be an excellent vehicle for driving brand equity and awareness, and believe that those of us who view the channel exclusively through the direct marketing lens, may be interested in the following.

In August, Datran Media and Dynamic Logic researched the impact of an eHarmony email campaign from a branding perspective. The study revealed that inbox advertising provides significant branding benefits:

• Inbox advertising made 37.7% of people aware of one of the tested eHarmony campaigns.
• Unaided brand awareness increased 11.5 percentage points.
• Brand favorability increased 7.3 percentage points.
• Brand awareness and favorability both improved when those researched were exposed to the campaign more than once.

I found the research quite interesting. To learn more, check out the Datran Media brand study here.

Have you done any research to test the impact of your campaigns on brand awareness and favorability? If so, please share.

—Nicholas Einstein of Datran Media