Facebook Falls Victim to Its First Email Virus

Today could be a historic day in the world of email. Facebook appears to have been hit with an email hack or virus that sends spam links to everyone in your address book.

My email inbox, and the phone lines at the eec have been ringing off the hook since emails inside the Facebook architecture have been running rampant.

No, I am not naked in a video (either are you).
Yes, I do really know how to spell parryt (party) correctly.
And “in thiis videoo you lookk llike pirncess, daarling” really isn’t about you (even though you do look like a princess or prince).

Initially at the eec, we were shocked and hurt. How could this virus have penetrated our Facebook address books? But then we were happy! I have gotten emails from Facebook connections and friends that I love dearly and haven’t been able to speak to in months due to heavy workload. So I guess a thank you to the Facebook virus originator is due for bringing us all closer together.

On a more serious note, this virus/spam teaches us two things:
1) Social content spreads fast and with high levels of equity. If you have a high quality list, they will spread your message.
2) Email is SO not dead in a social world, it is still the backbone of originating conversation. It fuels the machine.

Do you have thoughts on this Facebook phenomenon? If so, comment below or share it on Facebook.

(AF) Always Forward,

—Jeanniey Mullen of the eec