Your Most Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

From the eec's Member RoundtablesAre the basics of email marketing leaving you stumped? Don’t know where to turn with your most pressing email marketing questions? The wait is now over! The Email Experience Council’s Member Initiatives Advisory Committee has established a comprehensive list of Email Marketing Q&A’s that will assist even the most seasoned email marketing veteran in answering some of the industry’s most pressing questions.

Questions range on topics such as permission, deliverability, list rental, Can-Spam requirements, and engaging consumers. From questions such as “Can you give me a list of spammy words to avoid?” to “Do I need to get permission in order to send emails to customers?” there is something interesting for everyone.

Personally, my favorite QA is “Everyone on my list has opted in so why am I getting spam complaints?” The accompanying answer is a solid response to a question asked by many in the email world, but this issue will more than likely forever remain as one that we email marketers will continue to ask, study, and try to solve for ages to come.

By no means are the contributors to the Q&A lawyers or legal advisors but most have been in the trenches of email marketing for long enough to know the answers to the questions everyone wants to know but are too afraid to ask. In addition, many of the answers are accompanied by other valuable resources to further enhance your knowledge on particular subjects.

Not seeing your most burning questions on the list? Send them to us! We’ll be continuing to post Q&A’s periodically so email us your questions and check back later for the answers.

—eec Members Initiatives Advisory Committee chair Lauren Skena of Epsilon