An Open Letter to Zappos

Dear Zappos:

If you are listening—and I know you are (Twitter, Google Alerts, some other cool way)—please help me understand the following:

I’ve heard a rumor that you are working on revamping your email marketing strategy. I’m not sure when the unveiling is scheduled for public consumption, but my guess is that it hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe it has. On Sunday, I received an email from you in both my Gmail and AOL accounts. That is the good news (you’re sending email).

Click to view entire Zappos email (you'll likely need to zoom in--a lot)

But, you missed the boat in a few critical areas. Specifically…

● In April, I signed up to receive Zappos emails using my AOL address. I used your old school, hidden subscription landing page (start video at 1:45). However, last Sunday was the first email I ever received from Zappos. No confirmation/welcome message…and a 6+ month delay between signup and the first email. Oops.

● I also received the same email in my Gmail account. The only problem is that I never gave you my Gmail address.

● A few months ago, I dinged you because of your lack of a clear call-to-action (start video at 3:42). This email was not much better. A giant laundry list of sale items? Really? What was your goal of this email? Was it for me to read it? To click on the link to visit all sale items?

Zappos. If you’ve read this far, I hope you know that I love your focus on customer service. I love that your core values are public and you live by them. However, I still think that your email marketing efforts are inconsistent with Core Value #1 – “Deliver WOW Through Service.” I am certain I speak for all of us in the email marketing community when I say that we’d love to help.

—DJ Waldow of Bronto Software

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Zappos

  1. @Nicholas:

    Just got an email back from a "twitter friend" at Zappos. She told me they are in the process of revamping their email marketing campaigns. Wait and see. Wait and see.


  2. DJ,
    Great post. I am a loyal customer, but Zappos definitely breaks from core value #1 in their email program. Besides the basics, another area of low hanging fruit for them is transactional messaging – they definitely send a ton of it and could be taking much better advantage of the inbox opportunity.

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