Study: Unsubscribe Process Is an Afterthought

More heartbreaking news from a study that drills into a critical aspect of email marketing: the unsubscribe process. Apparently, some very smart marketers are not giving the unsubscribe the attention it needs as a valid part of their customers’ holistic email brand experience.

Return Path’s new study Keeping the Subscriber Experience Positive After “Unsubscribe Me” found that marketers may be considering the unsubscribe process as more of an afterthought vs. giving it the attention that it deserves (and that is required by law).

We found that 20% of top brand marketers sent additional emails to subscribers after confirming an unsubscribe request, and 11% of the companies studied emailed subscribers more than 10 days after confirming an unsubscribe request—a violation of the federal CAN-SPAM Act.

But here’s one stat that definitely caught my attention—only 2 of the 45 companies we studied offered subscribers the option to change the frequency of their emails. We’ve discussed over and over again the risk that consumers are too inundated with email and just tune out. If a customer or potential customer is interested in your products but they’d rather hear from you once a month vs. once a week, by all means please give them that option and keep them on your list.

—Stephanie Miller of Return Path