2009 Tips & Predictions

Test, test and test again.
– Spencer Kollas, StrongMail

View your campaigns through the eyes of your recipients. Test out your from name, subject line, creative, call-to-action, etc on subscribers who are *not* in your office or affiliated directly with your product/brand.
– DJ Waldow, Bronto Software

“Focus on reducing opt-in friction by testing and optimizing preference centers and other points of data collection – new signups will be especially critical to your business in 2009.”
– Nicholas Einstein, Datran Media

Predictions for 2009:
1. Preheader text will be used by the majority of email marketers.
2. More email marketers will launch preference centers, giving subscribers more control of the content and frequency of the emails they receive.
3. Marketers will experiment with videos embedded in emails.
– Chad White, Smith-Harmon

2 thoughts on “2009 Tips & Predictions

  1. Experimentation in email will remain huge, and there will a continued rebellion against poor service in the sector by some larger players.

  2. I think all aspects of affiliate marketing should be run according to how the market is currently working. Being on top of your niche and how the market is reacting to the economy is important for any success.

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