2009: Pressure Breeds Creativity in Social Media, Marketing Technology

“In 2008 marketers tripped over themselves to embrace social media tactics, with varying degrees of success. In 2009, a tactic that isn’t a “sure thing” drops to the bottom of the marketing to-do list. We’ll see a social media shakeout, with useful social media tactics growing in popularity and offering more possibilities, and others retiring or morphing (see “Goodbye Pownce, Hello Six Apart” or “Twitter’s Bad News Is a Bad Business.”).

This is a natural and necessary evolution, and in due time (and better days to come) it will help creative marketers prove the value of social media to skeptical CMOs.”

The item above was my few prediction about the year ahead, made in last month’s Marketing Watchdog Journal. Another prediction, from Bulldog VP, Technology Chris Parisi, is worth noting because it applies to a range of technology ― marketing automation, CRM, internal project management ― you might already have in your arsenal.

Chris noted, “With budgets likely to come under much more scrutiny, sales and marketing teams will be forced to get creative with the technology they already have, whether that’s marketing automation, CRM, internal wikis and communications options, or all of the above. That’s actually an exciting prospect: The necessity of doing more with less can breed some pretty powerful solutions we might not have thought about in easier times.”

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– Amy Bills, Bulldog Solutions