Make it Pop!: Can a Fruitcake Circle the World?: Case Study on Quorus Viral Personal Forward Technology (PERF) v. Standard “Forward to a Friend”

This holiday season, the eec asked Smith-Harmon to design a fun holiday ecard
for their mailing list. We took the opportunity to test out Quorus’s exciting interactive, viral sharing technology against the standard “Forward to a Friend” functionality provided by most ESP platforms. The results were dazzling!

The Challenge: “Forward to a Friend” just isn’t friendly enough.
Standard “Forward to a Friend” functionality generally isn’t compelling enough to elicit a significant number of pass-alongs. Quorus tackles this challenge with their more advanced viral functionality, which allows recipients to forward messages that include new content and invites the recipients of forwarded messages to enjoy the same interactive experience. We put their development to the test.

The Test: Forward this fruitcake…or choose from a regiftable selection.
The Control Version: Forward to a Friend (FTAF)

In the control version, subscribers received a message with a holiday greeting and a glorious Technicolor fruitcake gift. The Call to Action encouraged them to forward the fruitcake to a friend, who then received an identical message.

The Dynamic Version: Personal Forward (PERF)
In the version featuring Quorus technology, subscribers received a message wishing them holiday greetings and encouraging them to send one of four gifts to a friend: a fruitcake, a reindeer sweater, a boogying Santa or snowflake socks. The CTA whisked them away to a rich landing experience, where they picked their favorite funny gift and added a personalized greeting for a friend. The friend then received a message with the gift and greeting and had the option to “regift” their original item or to send on a new one. Try it for yourself, starting with the landing page from the first message. Why not keep the holiday cheer going?

The Results: Viral messaging for the win!
The results were stunning! People “regifted” the dynamic version like crazy, generating nearly five times the unique click through rate of the control, and over five times the forwarding rate of the control. The forwarded messages showed a 45.1% click-through rate, a fantastic percentage for any email marketing campaign.
Just as notably, the viral message still showed consistent interaction two weeks after the initial launch date. With most email campaigns dead after 72 hours, this is sensational!

Conclusion: High Time for a Viral Revitalization
The testing shows that using dynamic, interactive forwarding technology gets better results than the standard “Forward to a Friend” functionality. Quorus’s technology can drastically enhance forwarding potential with email such as coupon codes, limited-time promotions, user surveys, and other compelling offers, and it also creates new opportunities to encourage re-sharing through social networks. The first step, of course, is to create relevant messaging that subscribers are excited to share with others, and this dynamic, viral development provides an exciting vehicle for the sharing.

Sharing the Love,

Lisa Harmon and Alex Madison, Smith-Harmon

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