Notes from the 08-09 eec Nonprofit Project – Agassi Foundation

The past year has flown by and as we approach the last lap of the 08-09 eec Nonprofit Project, the team wanted to share two key accomplishments—these are just two of many wins from the eec team and the Agassi Foundation since last July.

1.) New creative strategy and assets—convincing the Agassi team to transition from sending a digital version of their print newsletter to a more email friendly one was easy. But no one imagined the bump in response they saw! With open rates close to 40%, the new newsletter creative saw nearly a 390% increase in click thru activity. Check it out here.

2.) On the social side, the eec team looked for ways to help the Agassi Foundation add to their existing partnered presence in the “social” world with organizations like Athletes for Hope. Enter the badge download page: view it and download your own Agassi Foundation badge here.

Even though the 08-09 Nonprofit Project isn’t over yet, it certainly has been rewarding for the team to help out such a great organization, cause and group of people. We’ll be back at the end of the project with a full wrap-up.

*If you haven’t gotten involved yet, now’s your chance to sign up and do something—the eec just announced the 09-10 project – the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF). Contact Ali for more information and to join the team.

– Chris Frasier & Rachael Anderson, BlueHornet
Agassi Project Team Leads