The 2009 Email Marketing Haiku Slam Wants You!

Email done quite well
Is loved by ISPs
And subscribers too

Okay, so I’m not the Shakespeare of the haiku world yet. If you can do better, your creativity could win you a one-year membership in the Email Experience Council, a $399 value and a great way to connect with your fellow email marketers, download resources and improve your email skills.

To say nothing, of course, of the thrill of seeing your content entry displayed on the eec site for the world to appreciate and envy (more on that later).

It all started when a group of self-described “email snobs” started talking via Twitter and blog posts/comments about the language we use to talk about email marketing. Some of the conversation was inspired in part by my latest Email Insider column, “Warning: Blasting May Be Harmful to ‘Our’ Health.”

On an email discussion list, someone posted a response to the conversation about language in the form of a haiku, which begat more haikus and eventually drew the eec into the fray. Now the eec is sponsoring the (sort of) official 2009 Haiku Slam, with eec members voting on the winners.

We’re still working out the details, including the page at the eec site where you can view other entries. In the meantime, you can track various fun and serious discussions on email marketing via the hashtag #emailsnob – or Twitter search. Follow me – @LorenMcDonald – and @Silverpop and other participants, and we’ll pass on the particulars as they become available. Feel free to contribute to the discussion, too.

Once you have crafted your contest entries, send them to Ali at the eec – aswerdlow at Post ’em in the comments section here, too, if you’re especially proud of them.

Here is another of my planned entries that might inspire your own creativity or your competitive spirit:

Blasts are from the past
And relevance they will kill
ROI, think not

Now, put down that coffee cup and start haiku-ing!

– Loren McDonald, Silverpop, an eec Silver Sponsor

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  1. We should mention that the discussion list where all this started was the Inbox Insiders list, a private, invitation-only list for email marketers. Come to think of it…the eec was launched there as well.

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