Managed Email Marketing: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Email Marketing


If you’re still managing your own email marketing campaigns without any outsourced expertise, you might want to take a look at the benefits of outsourcing. Here are just a few of the many benefits of outsourcing for better managed email marketing:

  • Increase your deliverability rate
  • Improve your email design and email rendering
  • Gain a deeper and more actionable understanding of your reporting and metrics · Protect your online sending reputation with expert advice
  • Have more staff time for other initiatives
  • Add the highest caliber email marketing expertise to your team without increasing your payroll
  • Draw on more and broader email marketing experience with seasoned professionals guiding you
  • Spend more time on strategy and planning, less on implementation
  • Enjoy a solution that automatically scales with your growth
  • Know you’re working with the best email service provider for your business
  • And ultimately, improve your email marketing ROI!

If you want to learn about better managed email marketing via outsourcing, reach out to ClickMail Marketing for more information.

2 thoughts on “Managed Email Marketing: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Email Marketing

  1. Just a warning to people thinking of using a mail-list company to send out their e-mails.
    We used a company called Perimail, who guaranteed a fixed number of click throughs on our e-mail.
    However, what they actually do is use a third party email company whose members collect reward points simply by clicking on the e-mail.
    I had twelve hyperlinks on my email plus the bone they added. 95% of the clicks were on their link!
    I would never use Perimail again!

  2. it depends on the size of the business. of course Coca Cola will have to outsource but even the small firm must learn how to engage its customers.

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