Introducing the new ROI: Return on Interaction

It’s time to shift your focus, folks, investment to interaction.

In the continually shifting world of email marketing, where nothing stays static for long, we’re giving a new meaning to the ROI acronym. That’s because the deliverability of your email is now being determined by the ISP based on the recipient’s interaction with that email.

Goodbye, Return on Investment. Hello, Return on Interaction.

Or maybe it’s more an evolution, of the term and of the email marketing industry. Before, you invested in the best ESP to ensure the highest deliverability. You invested in email designers who would make cleanly coded templates that would get past spam filters. You invested in organically growing your in-house, opt in list. You’ve protected your online sending reputation and kept your lists clean.

Now the bar is raised and your emails must rise above, too.

I think it will really boil down to relevance certainly, but in specific ways:

1) Content — Now more than ever you’d better be sending out emails that your recipients want to receive.
2) Frequency — And now more than ever, you’d better not be over messaging your list!

Some of the major ISPs are zeroing in on the inbox to decide whether or not your emails are to be considered worthy of being delivered in the future. How your recipients interact with your emails—and if they do at all—will now be taken into account. If you keep sending emails a certain someone never opens, the ISP is going to decide that in the eyes of that certain someone, you are in fact spam and should be blocked.

You are truly now at the mercy of the recipient, but don’t worry: you have more power than you may realize. You are in complete control of your relevance, regardless of the size of your email list. You are in control because you can:

  • Segment your list and target your messages to make them more relevant.
  • Set up a profile page where subscribers can choose how often to hear from you and the type of information they want to get from you.
  • Put your subscribers first, offering them the content they want, not the content you want to feed them.

Your goal has suddenly shifted from making money off your investment in an email campaign (the old ROI) to making sure you’re relevant so you keep getting your emails delivered (the new ROI) but in the end – with a focus on relevance, you’ll achieve both.

Marco Marini
ClickMail Marketing

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