Results from the eec’s Sidescrolling Seasons Greetings Email

When tasked with designing the Email Experience Council’s seasons greetings email this year, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary. After some brainstorming, we settled on a sidescrolling winter scene with lots of delightful bits of animation.

Since we were asking reader to scroll right instead of the usual down, we wanted to build in a few visual cues to get them going in the right direction:
(1) We used a headline and deck that stretched across the top of the design, so they’d have to scroll to read the whole thing.
(2) We included a message under the eec logo for readers to “Scroll right for your holiday gift.”
And (3) we used two animated gifs that moved from left to right to get readers’ eyes moving in that direction.

The other consideration we had in designing this email is that we wanted to stay within the display width limits of Outlook 2007, which after a test we determined to be 2110 pixels. Our design was 780 pixels wide, well short of that limit.

See it in all of its animated glory.

The Results
We were very pleased with the results. Not only did the season’s greeting email garner 26% more opens that the typical eec email, but there were 10 times the usual number of forwards. The combination of strong design and compelling call-to-action clearly got subscribers’ attention and encouraged them to share the email.

Chad White
Research Director
Smith-Harmon, a Responsys Company



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  1. Congratulations on an excellent email. This is a fantastic example of how going against the mold of traditional and safe best practices of email design can pay off when you’ve put the right thought and testing into it.

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