Announcing ClickMail's New Vendor-Neutral Guide to Top Tier ESPs

Choosing a top tier email service provider (ESP) can be tough. With so many ESPs to choose from, each with their strengths, it can be challenging to make head-to-head comparisons.

That’s why last year we published a seminal whitepaper on how to rate ESPs, to help email marketers make an ESP choice based on the factors most important to their own organization and their unique requirements…not on any one ESP’s selling points. The whitepaper was immediately popular. Apparently marketers were hungry for that kind of objective information.

This year we updated the whitepaper and turned it into an annual guide, to stay current with the ever-changing world of email and ESPs. This new free, vendor-neutral guide to ESPs offers an unbiased yet exhaustive list of criteria complete with explanations about the significance of each factor.

It’s so impartial, it doesn’t even mention a single ESP by name. Rather than focus on telling you what this or that ESP can or can’t do, we’ve focused on your needs. We have 19 different things to consider when choosing an ESP based on what you need, not on what a particular ESP offers. It’s unlike any other ESP selection guide you’ve seen and its based on our 10 years of reselling and implementing the industry’s top-tier solutions.

To revise the whitepaper and make it new and improved as an annual guide, we:

  • Re-evaluated all 20 factors in light of email marketing in 2010. Based on that assessment, we significantly beefed up the integration information throughout
  • Removed four factors and added three:
  1. Data management tools
  2. Integration with add-on services
  3. Social media integration
  • Reorganized the factors alphabetically for better usability and objectivity

The guide now covers 19 of the most important considerations involved with ESP selection. For each of the factors, we’ve included details about why it matters and what to look for. The significance of each will vary from organization to organization. That’s why we’ve also kept the scoring sheet that was included with the original whitepaper. It will help you compare ESPs based on what’s important to your organization and your goals.

Publishing an updated ESP guide annually—rather than one whitepaper once—will enable us to keep the guide up-to-date with shifting trends and technologies, so no matter the year, you’ll have a vendor-neutral guide to, well, guide you.

Your ESP choice is critical to your success. Choose wisely. Choose well. And choose to start your selection process with this guide in hand.

Download the 2010 guide to choosing a top tier ESP.

– Marco Marini
ClickMail Marketing