7 B2B Trends in Strategies and Spending

While each B2B marketer must consider its unique situation – products, purchasers, sales cycle, etc. – there is ample evidence of a shift from traditional media to digital tactics to facilitate growth for business marketers.  In fact, there are, in my analysis, seven trends in B2B marketing strategies and spending starting with …

  1. The Internet has become the premier resource of information amongst C-Suite executives with search engine first for information. 
  2. Digital marketing – in its myriad forms – along with email marketing, form an important part of B2B marketing outreach to generate leads and facilitate sales growth.  
  3. Online social networking is emerging as an important tool in business-to-business marketing.  
  4. Usage of blogs, microblogs, and RSS Feeds – currently segregated by generation – may eventually become essential contact points in maintaining B2B brands. 
  5. Mobile marketing or the “mobile web” seems to be in its genesis amongst B2B marketers. 
  6. B2B branding is growing in importance and directly correlated with increases in top-line revenue and market cap. 
  7. Accountability is predominant – from analytics and front-end campaign tracking to back-end lead nurturing.
Developing campaigns that account for these seven trends is of especial importance now – in order to foster sales growth and profitability – and perhaps even a necessity in a hypercompetitive world.  Read the full report in the Research Store.
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