3 Questions for Ken Magill, Journalist & Email Marketing Columnist

As he launches his own newsletter for the email marketing industry, Ken Magill gives the eec his thoughts on the state of the state – with or without his commentary.

Q1. Why does the email industry need another newsletter?

I actually don’t see it as “another” newsletter. I see it as re launching something I’ve been putting out for several years, except this time I own it. I’ve been covering e-mail and other forms of online marketing for going on 14 years now and, as a result, can offer perspective and insight that others can’t.

As long-time readers know, I’m not afraid to offend, am not afraid of backlash—in fact, I really like backlash—and will write about subjects others hesitate to touch. I don’t do it just to stir up trouble, though stirring up trouble is fun.

This industry is still fledgling and has a lot of growing up to do. The fact that the first question out of so many marketers’ mouths about email is “Where can I buy lists?” is proof positive of that. Controversy keeps people’s interest and robust debate is the straightest path toward industry maturity.

Q2.  What has changed in the email world during your "quiet period"?

The discourse has been a lot more civil:)

Q3.  What’s the coolest thing you see happening in email in the next year?

I think making predictions is generally a prime opportunity to make an ass of oneself, so I generally don’t make them. When I have, I’ve generally been wrong. In 1994, I predicted the new VW Beetle would flop, for instance.

That said, I think it’s safe to say marketers will increasingly embrace engagement email—or messages sent based on previous interactions—as vendors prod them in that direction and they begin to see the undeniable results. That will be very cool.

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