30 Email Marketing Do's & Don'ts From 3 Experts

This week, the eec was a proud partner for ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week.  During yesterday’s eec workshop, Optimizing Your Email Campaigns, 3 email experts led by eec founder, Jeanniey Mullen, gave us their top 5 do’s and top 5’s don’ts of email marketing.

Below you’ll find the complete list from:

  • Sundeep Kapur,  VP, Strategic Marketing, NCR eCommerce
  • Debbie Kane, Director, Web & Partnership Marketing, Active Interest Media
  • Aaron Smith, Director, Professional Services, Smith-Harmon, a Responsys Company


  1. Ask yourself, "why should my consumer sign up for my email?"
  2. Use intrigue versus incentive.
  3. Build up ‘reverse preferences’ (track what people do & don’t do).
  4. Run subject line tests.
  5. Use social media to increase open rates.
  6. Test.
  7. Analyze.
  8. Use web and email designers.
  9. Use clear calls to action.
  10. Keep important content/messages above the fold.
  11. Do respect image blocking and the preview pane.
  12. Do render tests.
  13. Do create an iron-clad email production process with tasks, individuals, and even days of the week associated with each milestone.
  14. Do run a test with every send – and (this is key) – share your results with your stakeholders for short-term visibility; archive them for long-term learnings.
  15. Do ask yourself these three questions:
           (1) What is this email about?
           (2) Why do my subscribers care?
           (3) What do they do about it?


  1. Don’t assume something works.
  2. Don’t convert print promotions directly to email campaigns.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate your email creative.
  4. Don’t over-mail your list.
  5. Don’t under-mail your list.
  6. Don’t make subscribing – or unsubscribing – too complicated.
  7. Don’t try to say too much with a single email.
  8. Don’t silo email – remember your other channels, both offline and digital.
  9. Don’t forget about the landing page!
  10. Don’t assume what worked yesterday will work today, or tomorrow. Keep testing and evolving!
  11. Don’t ignore your reports & front line.
  12. Don’t badger the lifeless (don’t over-mail your non-responders).
  13. Don’t say everything in the subject line.
  14. What should I do next? (no call to action)
  15. Don’t forget to be timely.

Remember – the don’ts will lead to do’s!

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  1. Great tips. Some are old, some are new – all are excellent reminders of what we need to be doing.

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