Is The Gender Gap Closing?

I am the CEO of two separate companies; a media company called Vidsense and an e-commerce company called PulseTV. We have thirty-eight employees; thirty are women and our COO is a woman.

Could the fact that 80% of my colleagues are women be an accident? The answer is a resounding “NO.” Our average employee has been with us 7.5 years, making us one of the most stable environments in an unstable industry. What is going on?

While our little company may be atypical, we believe something is happening nationwide.  Not only is the gender gap closing, but also women are surpassing my gender at an ever-increasing rate. Let’s take a look at some anecdotal evidence:

  • By 2030, 66% of the nation’s wealth will be controlled by women (Source)
  • 56% of incoming freshmen at colleges are women (Source: National Bureau Of Economic Research)
  • At our local high school, for the past 4 years, 67% of the honor students have been women.
  • While young men are busy at college playing video games, young women are busy studying and their academic performance now outpaces men in universities across the country.

Women seem to be better equipped than their male counterparts in our digital age. Not necessarily from the technical, “geek” POV, but they’re much better at humanizing and harnessing our technology. Why? Women are better communicators than men. It’s just that simple.

Communication is the foundation of relationships. And this is why women are better at relationships than men. So instead of fighting this fact, we have embraced it. Relationships should be at the very foundation of commerce, of media, of business.

We have discovered that women are by-and-large better at multi-tasking. They were multi-tasking before there was even a word for it. Remember how your mother or grandmother cooked, cleaned the house, put iodine on your cuts, did the shopping, and since 1970 had an external job to boot?

Many of the women who have succeeded in the past 50 years had to do so by emulating men’s behavior. The “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher comes immediately to mind. Earlier female successes in corporate America followed this same pattern.

But in the 21st century, the skills that are more often associated with women are talents required in our uncertain environment. Intuition, relationships, communication and multi-tasking help women soar above their gender counterparts. To the women reading this: if you are not above taking advice from a man, you need not transform yourself to enhance your “male energy” to succeed. In fact, the future requires fealty to what the French have long said, “Viva la difference.”

I’m not suggesting that the gender wars are over, but the trend is clear for any willing to open their eyes. The transfer of wealth has predated the transfer of power. Power rarely relinquishes its privilege willingly.

To be sure, running an estrogen-filled company has its challenges, but we’ve adapted over the years. We accommodate flexible schedules so mothers can go to their children’s school activities and we offer a slew of personal days and if more are required, unpaid personal days.  We are rewarded with loyalty and an environment that places relationships first.

– Jaffer Ali
Vidsense and PulseTV

To reach him, feel free to give him a call. He actually answers his own phone! 708-478-4500 x105.

2 thoughts on “Is The Gender Gap Closing?

  1. I agree that women are better communicators and they understand the role emotions such as compassion play in relationships better than men in general. Monosyllabics don’t work very well online and that puts men at a disadvantage right from the start;). Of course, this is all generalizing, but I do believe that the web will be the next leap forward in a balancing of power between men and women. God knows, women understand networking a lot better than men do.

    Men think in terms of find, kill, conquer and women think more about the experience of the hunt. Take a look at any shopping mall and the difference is apparent in men’s and women’s stores. Although super stores such as Bass Pro Shops seem to make the experience effect work for them — maybe they are trying to attract the whole family?

    Women read the manual and guys only read it when they need help trying to figure out how to put out the fire.

    However, I don’t believe this is hard coded into genetics. I think this may be more a matter of nurture over nature. We all have a Ying side and a Yang side, but many men silence their feminine side. Acknowledging the qualities which come from both masculine and feminine natures regardless of gender would be a step forward for all of us.

  2. Very interesting post, Jaffer. To add to your bulleted list, for the first time in history, women earned the majority of doctoral degrees in the U.S. in the 2008-2009 school year.

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