Fresh Content from the DMA UK

The DMA UK’s Email Marketing Council maintains a blog featuring Council members writing about a wide range of topics relating to email marketing.

Here are this month’s highlights:

  • An example of how to use email and social to drive both list growth and sales. 
  • A recent Return Path study confirms that a marketer’s sender reputation is the key to achieving high inbox placement rates and avoiding the spam folder.
  • ISPs have been announcing various types of inbox filtering – here’s a look at how they might impact marketers.
  • Frameworks are used in many different industries to structure thinking, people and processes effectively – here’s how they can be applied to email marketing. 
  • Email marketing produces a huge volume and range of metrics; using a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed,  Realistic, Time Bound) approach will help marketers measure their specific ROI.