New Infographic: Email Mostly Mobile


In just two years, emails opened on a mobile device jumped 300%. When Return Path released the last mobile email study, opening emails on a mobile device was about to overcome both desktop email clients, such as Outlook and Apple Mail, and opening email on a webmail account on a browser. In April 2012, email open habits were virtually identical for smartphones, webmail and email clients. Mobile leaped into first place in May by one full percentage, and sees no sign of slowing anytime soon.
The latest analysis found that emails opened on mobile devices varied immensely by region and industry. In Europe, emails were still mostly opened in browsers. Canada and the United States largely check email on their phones now. Perhaps due to mistrust from phishing or simply the convenience of online banking during working hours, people overwhelming opened banking emails on their desktop. 
Consumers opened 40% of retail marketing emails on a mobile device, indicating a shift away from desktops and laptops.  According to Bizrate, 23% of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers used a mobile device, and 70% made a purchase. 39% of people found out about Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers through, naturally, email. There clearly is a lot at stake for marketers as mobile dominance will grow more and faster in the coming years.
Any marketer today, email or otherwise, should consider the need for a mobile strategy. More importantly, data driven marketing should see where their audience is and optimize. To find out more about mobile, download the full infographic, and learn:
  • The percentage of people in North America, Brazil, France and Germany that open emails on mobile devices
  • Email open share by Industry, like Retail and Banking
  • How Apple devices appear to dominate emails opens, and why this may not be the full story
  • If and how much people are buying on their smartphones
By Tom Sather
Sr. Director, Email Research