Who Won the Stefan Pollard Award? Join us at EEC13 to find out!

The annual Stefan Pollard Marketer of the Year award from DMA/Email Experience Council will be given at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami on February 8th (Not yet registered? Join us for great keynotes and amazing case studies and new ideas at emailevolution.org. Use code MACDT for a great discount.) This year, we had a number of nominations from many of you – our eec community – and the three winning candidates are all amazing marketers and “email geeks” – just the type of people that continue Stefan’s legacy of talent, generous contribution to the industry and effective mentoring.  
We circled back with 2012 Award Winner Meg Reynolds of REI. She is still shining and humble in receiving this honor from the DMA/eec community. 
Meg:  I have been so honored to receive the Stefan Pollard Award. I’ve since moved on to a role at REI that is not focused on email marketing, but I rely on those same experiences all the same. 
SAM:  What are you doing now?
Meg:  I’ve found new challenges leading the Marketing Campaign Planning team at REI. I’ve learned a lot in the past year; it’s energizing working with many programs, channels and cross-divisional partners.  I’ve even learned a bit about myself. I’m still finding my way in a new professional community.  Hopefully that will come in due time, I’m a new kid in this role!

SAM:  Is it good to be “beyond email”?
Meg:  I do miss my email role and the confidence of knowing the ins-and-outs of a medium. I miss highly  measureable program performance and knowing whether someone is BS’ing me a little bit. And, of course, I miss a community of creative and passionate folks to turn to with every challenge. So give my best to that wonderful community. I continue to support it where and when I can. I open my time to young professionals and students about opportunities in digital direct marketing.
SAM: Any advice for email and other data-driven marketers for 2013?
Meg:  Respect your subscribers, enjoy your peers, and show-up when you are nominated for an award.  Even when you don't think there is a one-in-a-million chance of winning. All the best to the wonderful, supportive professional email community.

By Stephanie Miller, DMA's vice president of member relations