Know a Rock Star in the Email Marketing Industry? Nominate Them Today!

The Email Experience Council (eec) is now accepting nominations for this year’s most admirable thought leaders in the email industry.

Email marketing is experiencing resurgence in focus and investment. It is the epitome of 1-to-1 marketing, offering the highest opportunity for relevancy and ROI. Marketers have doubled down in creative and technology to showcase just that, and it’s time to be recognized for those efforts. In an often misunderstood channel, from both a customer and executive perspective email still has everything to prove. It’s time to showcase the true colors of respectable email marketers that are achieving commendable results.

Each company is at a different level of sophistication in their email program. Whether the nominee is laying a foundation for a new email marketing program with best practices or sending dynamically populated content in hundreds of variations to subscribers, we want to hear their story. Whether the nominee is an entrepreneur running a small agency out of their home or an associate at an agency comprised of thousands of employees world-wide, we want to hear about their journey. Each is unique in their challenges and creativity and we encourage you to submit your nominations no matter what your scenario may be.

We are excited to announce that there will be two awards this year, representing the brand and agency side of the business:





  •  Mr. Stefan Pollard


  • The Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award: This award honors a brand-side marketer who has demonstrated exemplary achievements in email marketing and also acts in a manner characteristic of Stefan – a highly regarded and beloved member of the email marketing industry who suddenly passed away in 2010. He was a big supporter of the Email Experience Council and counted the Email Evolution Conference as his favorite industry event. This award pays tribute to Stefan while recognizing comparable professionals in the email industry.

To Nominate for Brand-side Email Leaders Only:

Pollard Email Marketer Nomination




 Sal Tripi, (EEC13 Stefan Pollard Award Recipient)
Assistant Vice President, Digital Operations and Compliance
Publishers Clearing House 


  • The Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year Award: Individuals from an agency/vendor/consultant are eligible. This award will recognize an industry leader who has made a substantial impact on the email marketing community as a whole and/or individual client(s). These individuals frequently work as an extension of a client’s team, but technically are employed at a third party company.

To Nominate for Agency/Vendor-side Email Leaders Only


Are you, or someone you know, at a brand or advising company deserving of either award?

Nominations are open through December 5, 2013. Nominations must be completed by an eec member, but nominees do not need to be a member. The eec Awards Subcommittee will carefully review each nomination and select a winner for each award. Winners will be announced at the Annual Email Evolution Conference in January 2014 in Miami (which is a great place to be in January!).

Winners will receive:

So what are you waiting for? Get going and nominate your un-sung email marketing hero today!


Loren McDonald

Chair, eec Awards Subcommittee