2014 – A New Year for Canada's Anti-Spam Law

We have written about Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) but understanding its impact on commercial email will be vitally important in 2014. Beginning this new year businesses should begin considering, if not already, the measures it needs to take in order to be in compliance. 

July 1, 2014 marks the date of enforcement for the CASL law governing emails. CASL impacts not only organizations that do business in Canada, but also those businesses that and promote products or services to Canadian markets. 
A main part of CASL is the opt-in provision.  Organizations cannot under CASL, send commercial email unless the recipient has either expressed or implied consent to receiving email (unless an exception applies).  As well, the message must have a method to allow for unsubscribing. Furthermore, businesses have until July 1, 2017 to convert implied consents to express consents. 
Violators of the law will face steep penalties. Up to $1 million for individuals in violation and $10 million for others. 
Begin the new year by understanding how the new law will impact your business. Make sure to read fully through CASL to understand its intricacies and implications.