Super Bowl – A Super Time for Email?

Television commercials have long ruled the advertising landscape for Super Bowls. However, with more people now on mobile devices and tablets while watching television, this has changed the landscape for advertising. Whether your business has million dollar budgets or much smaller budgets, you can now reach consumers with Super Bowl ads even during the Super Bowl with email for a fraction of a television ad cost.
Did your business take advantage of advertising during the Super Bowl either before or during?  Companies have done an excellent job with time sensitive emails to take advantage of the Super Bowl audience and catering email content to the audience. 
Before the game, Consumer Product Goods companies and grocery stores have done an excellent job of content marketing.  This industry has focused on recipes and game time deals on particular food. 
The Super Bowl is bigger than just football too, there are half-time artists.  Businesses can take advantage of catering to those who tuned into to see the half-time show and offering relevant email marketing messages. 
After the Super Bowl, businesses across all industries can come up with clever messaging to relate its product or service to the Super Bowl.  The message could focus on "Overtime" savings or clever discounting or messaging to attract the football audience. Now is the time more than ever to take advantage of the chance to reach the football, half-time show, and commercial watching fans with email.
Michelle Wimmer