What Can Email Marketers Learn from Olympians?

Olympic athletes, teams, and coaches work diligently to prepare for their main event through a series of hard work and planning. The Olympians are the best of the best and can inspire and teach others. Email marketers can learn and apply what Olympians do to achieve success and integrate these principles to email marketing campaigns. 
When considering what Olympians do to prepare they focus on at least three things.  Olympians set goals, they push the limits and work to out-perform the competition. Email marketers can apply three things to enhance performance of marketing campaigns.
First, marketers can better achieve objectives by clearly setting goals.  As an Olympian would set the goal of winning the gold medal, the first goal is not winning the gold, but rather a series of other accomplishments which first must be met in order to get to the final goal.  An email marketer as well needs to set a series of goals with the end goal in mind.  Maybe the end goal is achieving a sales goal by the end of the year from a marketing campaign. In order to achieve that end goal, the marketer will have to reach a certain number of subscribers, specific open rates, click through rates, and other metrics to reach that final goal.
Second, email marketers can learn from Olympians who push the limits.  Day in and day out, Olympians are constantly pushing the limits both mentally and physically.  Email marketers as well need to learn to push the limits. Pushing the limits may take the form of testing and trying new things such as a new way to message a campaign or new way of targeting consumers. By testing the limits a campaign can have the opportunity to reach new heights and become more successful.
Third, out-perform the competition.  Olympians in order to win have to focus on ways to out-perform the competition.  Out-performing the competition is never easy.  In email marketing this likely will involve a deep competitive analysis and determining where your business outshines the competition.  As well working harder and smarter than the competition will allow you to become more successful.  More in-depth planning, getting ahead of trends, and innovation will allow for optimal performance.
All in all, we as email marketers have a lot we can learn from the Olympians.  We too can be the best at what we do if we focus on goal setting, pushing the limits, and ways to out-perform the competition.  
Michelle Wimmer