Ways to Make Your Email Campaign End Happily Ever After

Marketers have used storytelling to take traditional and digital campaigns from something ordinary into something extraordinary. However, how much thought have you given to weaving storytelling into your email campaigns?

Email marketers can use storytelling to integrate a cohesive brand message that ties in the emotion of the brand and relates with the email recipient. Now with rich customer and prospective customer data, marketers can use this data to speak to its email recipients like never before. Think about the relevance and what you know about your customers from their click behavior in an email, open times, purchase behavior and more. Carefully slicing the data and looking at the customer behaviors can influence what story you tell to each customer in an email.

Try using the personas you have developed for your brands and segmenting your email audience in a way that groups people into one of the personas. Then send targeted emails to persona group. By sending a specific message to each group you will relate better with your customers.

In order to find out the effectiveness of the email you should implement tracking to see where recipients click and what part of the story is engaging to them. Using this information you can then craft the next email and further iterate thereby improving performance. Perhaps recipients who engage with one section of the email and not with another can be further segmented for your next email to receive something specific to these new interests indicated through click behavior.

By following the tips above your email campaign will be on its way to success, ending happily ever after.