A Look Behind the Scenes at EEC15

What an event this year! So instead of giving you all the highlights of EEC15, I wanted to give you a little bit of the behind the scenes work that went into this year’s event…months in advance in planning and in some cases while onsite.

I know that I’m still coming down off what was a busy week for us all. However, with weather up north causing speakers to be late or not be able to attend and rain coming in and causing us to move the welcome reception at the last minute, we were able to put on one of the best attended shows ever with some grateful help from our friends. What do I mean by that? As an example, we ran into a longtime and good friend Aaron Smith whose company Smith-Harmon was successfully acquired a few years back by Responsys. What’s interesting in this is that Ryan and I were able to twist his arm into a last minute moderator position since the snow up north caused a moderator to not to be able to attend. What timing? We couldn’t have pulled off that panel without him stepping in so graciously. This is what this event was about for us, friends and family…which is what this industry is to many of us. We all work hard to help each other even when our respective companies sometimes compete.

What I can also tell you is that eec staff, Ryan Phelan, and I wanted to see something different than in years past when we began to program this event in May of 2014. We didn’t want the same ole’ game on why marketing was important or what the new channel was that people should be using. What we wanted to do this year is show proof that things do work if you do them right and have companies there be willing to show you how they come with those results. We also wanted to add a little vinegar to the mix as some might say by doing the vendor face-offs this year. Not to cause heart ache for any of our friends, but to show that they are lots of other things to consider when you’re picking a specific vendor and that not all are equal and in line with your business needs and that is ok. We’ve all done it, moved from vendor to vendor, until we find the right mix for our business successes.

The best part though, I’m being a little selfish as the co-moderator of it, was the closing Keynote Luncheon Panel: Mythbusters: Deliverability vs. Engagement which gave marketers a great insight to how ISPs operate, work with their clients to give them a positive Internet experience using email, and also work with senders of email into their systems. In this, I played the deliverability person and Ryan played the marketer and we took turns asking questions of the panel. Our esteemed ISP panelists were very forthcoming with information and when we opened up the panel to audience Q&A they didn’t back down answering as many question as possible, even the difficult ones. Where else can you get that type of exposure in a conference?

Here are some selected blog posts from our attendees on that one panel which will give you an idea of what was said:

All in all, a great week and one that I was so glad to have been a part of. I’m thankful to all who attended and made this another successful annual event for us.

Now before I let you go, if you’re not a member of the EEC you need to be. This isn’t the only aspect of the EEC for us. We do lots of local meetups, webinars and other membership opportunities throughout the year. We’d also like to welcome you to join our Leadership & Subcommittees that we have and help us lead the digital evolution to success. You can find more information here: https://emailexperience.org/member-center/why-join-eec/.

Great seeing everyone!

Dennis Dayman, Vice-Chair Email Experience Council (eec)