Deliverability vs. Engagement: Discussion Continues

It’s been a black box for years.


Deliverability standards and how to get our emails into the inbox is made harder because of a lack of insight into the specifics…until now.  During EEC15 in Miami the biggest topic was an incredible panel with the members of the deliverability teams from Google, AOL, Comcast and Microsoft. During the 90 minute session, the over 400 attendee’s learned some of the secret sauce that is used to determine if an email gets into the inbox.  We also learned what “engagement” means to the panelists and how they use customer interaction to gauge the importance (or unimportance) of a message.

After EEC15, the conversation in the industry was astounding as the discussions on popular communities such as OnlyInfluencers and among companies was amazing.  So much so, that we decided to hold a webinar with the same companies to ask more questions that had arisen.

During this hour long discussion, moderated by Dennis and myself, we answered some of the pressing questions and qualified some of the statements from EEC15.

The discussion has and will continue. It’s a constant conversation with all email marketers as to how do emails get into the inbox. Without that, our efforts are wasted and it should be at the top of all marketers list of “things I need to know”.  No longer is deliverability knowledge only for the experts and it’s more and more our responsibility of owners of the channel to understand what happens after we press the button.

After the webinar, we had so many questions that we decided to take these offline and answer them for the over 450 attendees.  Special thanks to Len Shneyder from Message Systems and James Koons from Listrak for their help in answering these questions along with Dennis and I.

On behalf of the EEC, we hope you enjoy the answers to the questions that we did not get to during the webinar. We hope that the conversation continues and we all continue to use positive engagement with our subscribers.  Go here to view the Mythbusters: Deliverability vs. Engagement Fact Sheet (eec Members Only).

Ryan Phelan, Chair, EEC Member Advisory Committee
Dennis Dayman, Vice-Chair, EEC Member Advisory Committee