Introducing the eec Coaching Clinics: Interactive Email Strategy, Answers and Advice

You’ve probably heard the saying “The devil is in the details” and never is it truer than in email marketing, where small changes or omissions can make big differences in response, revenue, or even which side of the law you’re on.

Starting next month email marketers will be able to tap into a new resource for getting their burning email questions answered, avoiding rookie mistakes, and enjoying free strategic advice. The eec launches Email Coaching Clinics on June 11. These monthly 90-minute virtual Q&A sessions will deliver email marketing advice and support from industry experts and practitioners, many of whom are active in the leadership of the eec and the industry in general.


So what can and should you ask an Email Marketing Coach? Practically anything that has to do with your email marketing program! As a consultant and strategist with over 10 years’ experience designing email programs and performance improvement plans for clients, here are just a few of the challenges and questions that have been posed to me:

  1. What are the most meaningful metrics I should measure?
  2. How do I calculate revenue per email sent? Cost per email sent?
  3. Do my transactional emails need to comply with email marketing laws? To what degree?
  4. Should my company expand a single-message campaign (like a Welcome for new subscribers) into a series? And what should it look like if we do?
  5. How can I use email automation/triggered campaigns to capture untapped revenue? Am I leaving money on the table by not using email in certain ways?
  6. Can you recommend good resources for tracking deliverability?
  7. What are some ways I can grow my list?
  8. What is send-time optimization and is it worth the investment?
  9. I’m a B2B company – how do I use email marketing to grow business when a single sale can take months?
  10. What is Reputation and why is it important?

I’ve helped clients find the answers to these and many more quandaries over the years, so on behalf of the eec I hope you’ll join me and fellow Email Coaches G.B. Heidarsson & James Koons for our inaugural Coaching Clinic on Thursday June 11.

For more information and to register, click here. While future eec Coaching Clinics will be exclusively for members of the Email Experience Council, the first two are open for all to attend. So tell us what you’re most wondering about and sign-up today. See you there!

Karen Talavera
President, Synchronicity Marketing
eec Member Advisory Committee